End of an era – the studio closes. For now

Over 3 years ago I first took advantage of a great opportunity offered by East Street Arts – to have a studio on long term loan as a permanent loan. These spaces have all been office locations between tenants. These have found me in a former job centre perched above the gay bars, next door to Asda and B&Q, alongside a brownfield site with a view and motorway-side locations both in the city centre and out in the suburbs.

Today I’ve learnt that my 5th space is about to come to an end – and this will probably be the last space I get to use for a while – I have a shoot Saturday morning and then I move my gear out after.

Firstly – I’ve had an amazing time in these spaces, developed massively, worked with some truly wonderful men and, I hope, improved my work – while providing some of you with interesting imagery to admire or question. So a huge thanks to everyone involved in all my projects and activities in these spaces.

The next point lots of people have shown a willingness to work with me. Losing a permanent location for shooting changes my plans – but it means other opportunities may present themselves. I’m asking that everyone who would still like to collaborate with me completes this short and confidential form – so I can try to work out how best to plan my work. If you are looking to commission me, just drop me an email.

Finally be assured this won’t stop me or reduce the quality of my work. I will be striving to complete existing projects, to get more of my work out there and to show as many of you as possible in the best light.

Any questions? Use the contact methods around!

Thanks for all your support!

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