on collaboration

Every piece of art I create is a acknowledged as a collaboration.

Over 15 years of portrait-making has led me to create of a process which is designed to not only capture you at your best but also to ensure the results are more than just a likeness. Those who come to my studio or take part in location-based work often note that the images also contain something of the essence of their personality. 

Getting the experience right for both subject and artist is critical to this approach. Wherever I work I aim to create a calming space where you will feel safe to be open. I realise there is a certain amount of vulnerability and so we will plan ahead, have a chat over a cuppa at the start of the shoot and you will feel comfortable to pause the shoot at any time to ask questions or refine.

Many of the people I’ve worked with before have commented on how at ease I’ve made them feel – this is by design not accident. Equally I’m welcoming of anyone who is happy to work with me; I will always aim to ensure the time we spend if of optimum value to us both.

If you’d like to find out more please contact me.