Artist Biography

The But I Like It artistic practice ran 2007-2019; Johann has since switched to producing work under his own name.

He also curates works from others and shares/publishes this via a number of channels as well as operates as an artist’s model – in an approach which aims to control and influence how his image is recorded and shared while enhancing the works he is featuring in.



  • Veiled – work in progress • In Situ Pop-up Space (East Street Arts), Leeds  • July 2014



  • MorePixx • Amsterdam (Netherlands) – April 2019 – Second prize (Judge in 2020)
  • WeFetish • Rome (Italy) – February 2016


Monographs – Self Published

Journals and Magazines

Curated Publications


  • Gayzed 2013 Exhibition Catalogue

Blog posts and online articles

In addition to But I Like It, Jon…

  • Founded ‘We Are Obscured‘ a loose creative collective investigating queer identity – including curating and publishing it’s first Journal.
  • Created and published #FuckHate – an artistic response to rising hatred around the world. Previously exhibited at The Queer Art Show (Manchester, UK) and Homosurrealism London – One Night Stand (London, UK).
  • Operates a second artistic and publishing practice, Strawbleu
  • Formed and ran for 5 years  the Exposure Leeds photography group in Leeds
  • Is an artisan member of East Street Arts
  • Was a founder member of the Loosely Bound zine collective
  • Is passionate about forging links between Louisville, KY and his own city through the LVLLDS project

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